'Dog groomer near me'. A cool, air conditioned, designer, spacious home salon in Craigie. I have one dog at a time, that means it's quiet with no distractions for your dog to get worried or stressed.

At my salon, your dog is not cage dried, or left on a table under a dryer while another dog is being groomed like in high street shops, one to one attention at all times.

A perfectly situated dog groomer in the Northern suburbs, minutes from Joondalup, Hillarys and Whitfords city, treat yourself at Lakeside shopping centre while your dog is getting the very best treatment

Not being a franchise, your dog is not 'on the clock' and rushed through the system. I'm all about a calm relaxing atmosphere for a no stress experience and proper care.

We've all heard horror stories of dogs coming back from a groomer completely shaved when they just wanted a trim. Not here. I will take the extra time with you to discuss exactly what you require from me, and what is best for your dog.

Big dogs are welcome here. Why not bring in your puppy for acclimatisation sessions, just to get used to the different noises, sights and smells.

I fully support the ethical treatment of dogs and respectively decline requests to shave certain breeds of double coated dogs.

ABN: 82 850 719 007

Patrick Kay, lartge and giant dog breed specialist

What can I say. I love dogs. Bigger the better. Even in my time off, we take our Old English Sheepdogs to shows and Dulux promotions. Dylan has even been on the television!